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Reinforce your Doors with
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Burglars often enter homes through a poorly secured exterior door.  According to the FBI, 87% of all break-ins occur through a door even though the homeowner had tried to secure it with a deadbolt or even an alarm system.

Here's a fact: Most residential door frames are made of finger-jointed pine.  The wood frame gives way easily when a burglar pries on or even kicks the door. This can occur even when the door or deadbolt are of high quality.  Doors with side-light windows are even more susceptible to forced entry since the frame around them often is not easily reinforced.  

Security Improvements now offers installation of the JambBrace® Door Reinforcing product.  The JambBrace® is a high-strength aluminum insert that reinforces the weakest part of a door system - its frame. Completely concealed within the door trim, the JambBrace® is unseen but makes it virtually impossible to break-in using physical force or pry tools.  The product works even better when used in conjunction with a high quality deadbolt such as the Schlage B60 and a U-shaped door edge protector.

Installations are available for single door entrances
or those with one or two side light windows.  The
JambBrace® may be installed on an existing door
or during the construction of a new home.  Prices for
standard installations are listed below.


Door Style

Total Installation Cost

Single Door - requires one retrofit JambBrace® and door edge guard.


Side-Lighted Door w/one side-light window - requires one side-light JambBrace® and one door edge guard.


Side-Lighted Door w/two side-light windows - requires two side-light JambBrace® and one door edge guard.


Deadbolt and door hardware upgrades.

Prices vary - $35-$50 per deadbolt, $120 and up for handle sets

 Installation prices vary.

*Note:  There may be an additional cost for doors with custom trim work or moldings as extra time and care must be taken with them.  Typically most homes require the basic installations noted above. 

The product, which was developed by Edward Wayne Industries, Overland Park, KS, was extensively tested by Underwriters Laboratory to over 350 foot pounds of force using the ASTM test method F476-84.  The average man can only generate 200-250 foot pounds of force.  Research by The National Crime Prevention Institute shows that burglars generally will work no longer than 60 seconds to obtain entry.  Many local law enforcement agencies recommend this product for properly securing doors.

Security Improvements offers a free, no obligation security survey of your home.  For more information, contact Roman at 913.909.0748 or by email at .

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